Lake Tahoe Adventures

What better place to spend the holidays than in a true winter wonderland? Heavenly Valley is a small town nestled in the mountains on the south side of Lake Tahoe. It’s a great family destination with tons of activities for everyone. The center of town is full of shops, restaurants, spas, casinos and a skating rink. Its main attraction is skiing and snow boarding of course but whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or not, seeing the views from the top of Heavenly Mountain are a must. If you don’t like skiing they have a sight seeing lift that will take you up the mountain to see some of its amazing views of the lake. I have only visited Lake Tahoe in the winter but I hear it’s also a great travel destination for the summer too. There are a ton of activities to do on the lake like boating, water sports, kayaking, hiking, and beaches. Here are some of my favorite photos I took during my stay:


IMG_3415 IMG_3439 IMG_3526 IMG_3549 copy IMG_3554


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