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Lake Tahoe Adventures

What better place to spend the holidays than in a true winter wonderland? Heavenly Valley is a small town nestled in the mountains on the south side of Lake Tahoe. It’s a great family destination with tons of activities for everyone. The center of town is full of shops, restaurants, spas, casinos and a skating rink. Its main attraction is skiing and snow boarding of course but whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or not, seeing the views from the top of Heavenly Mountain are a must. If you don’t like skiing they have a sight seeing lift that will take you up the mountain to see some of its amazing views of the lake. I have only visited Lake Tahoe in the winter but I hear it’s also a great travel destination for the summer too. There are a ton of activities to do on the lake like boating, water sports, kayaking, hiking, and beaches. Here are some of my favorite photos I took during my stay:


IMG_3415 IMG_3439 IMG_3526 IMG_3549 copy IMG_3554


36 Hours at the Delaware Beaches

The Delaware beaches have so much to offer. From the adventure thrillers and nature explorers, to the beach bums, the shoppers, and the foodies, there’s something exciting for everyone. It’s easy to understand why Rehoboth Beach was ranked fourth best coastal small town in the nation by USA Today. Here are some of our favorite places.

Beach Spot: Cape Henlopen State Park


Cape Henlopen is home to four miles of the most scenic, natural beaches in Delaware located north of the famous Rehoboth Beach. Full of nature trails, historic sites, fishing beaches and outdoor activities, there are tons of activities to do. You can even climb to the top of a WWII watchtower to find breath-taking views of the park. The park is so big that it’s rarely overcrowded. A popular spot to explore and take pictures is on the bay side of the point where the beach is reserved for a bird sanctuary. It is secluded, undisturbed and has amazing views of the Brandywine Shoal lighthouse. Every time you go to the park you’ll stumble upon something new to explore.

Breakfast: Surf Bagel


Surf bagel is home to southern Delaware’s most legendary breakfast. They bake their bagels fresh every morning and strive to provide the most healthy, tasty, and honest food. They have over 20 different bagels to choose from and tons of different cream cheese flavors. Crowds tend to grow pretty fast but the service is so quick you won’t even notice. You’re missing out if you don’t try it and once you do you’ll wish you had a Surf Bagel closer to home.

Restaurant: Salt Air


Located in Rehoboth, one street south of the avenue, Salt Air offers an upscale farm-to-table fresh cuisine. Their menu features fresh seasonal produce, sustainable seafood, and organic meats and poultry. From their unique goat cheese spread and crackers, to their legendary cheese board appetizer, their award winning seafood stew, amazing New York strip steak, and fresh salads, they have something to satisfy any craving.

Dessert Shop: Nonna’s


Nonna’s Sweet Treats is a family owned and operated dessert shop located on the ocean block of Rehoboth Avenue. All baked goods are prepared by scratch in house each day. They serve family recipes that have been passed down through generations with their signature item being the “Liege” waffle. Their Liege waffle is nothing like other locally found Belgian waffles. Theirs are made from a yeast dough rolled in chunks of imported Belgian Pearl Sugar which caramelizes on the outside of the waffle. They serve them as ice cream sundaes for dessert using local legend Bassetts ice cream. The waffles are also offered as breakfast items in the morning.

Store: Bella Luna


Bella Luna is a boutique located on Rehoboth Avenue known for their vast selection of unique household items, creative gifts, and accessories. For being such a small store it’s nearly impossible to not spend forever browsing their selection. They offer a ton of interesting, one of a kind items that any shopper would love. Add it to your list of places to go while in Rehoboth.

Beachside Bar & Grill

beachside bar & grill

At Beachside Bar & Grill, we love the creations by the James Beard Award nominated Chef Jay Caputo, of Espuma and David Dietz, of BBC Tavern & Grill. The two share a common passion about fresh and local fare. The ambiance is casual and fun, which is ideal for any beach town. They have happy hour from 3-6pm everyday with amazing deals like $5 martinis and $2 off all appetizers. Plus, there’s free parking to the side.

Wandering Italy

Instead of doing the typical college spring break trip to Cancun or Florida, I went to Italy. Somehow we managed to squeeze 4 destinations into just 6 days. Here are some of my favorite parts.

First we stayed two and a half days in Rome where we did the typical sight seeing, the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Vatican City. Standing on the same grounds where the ancient Romans spent their days was unimaginably surreal. I’m not a huge fan of history but I have to admit that I enjoyed learning about the ancient roman life. It brought about some sort of aura that you can’t feel unless you’re physically there.

Roman Forum


The next stop in Rome was the Vatican and I must say that although I’m not the biggest fan of staring at art in museums or galleries either, I enjoyed St. Peter’s the most, solely for it’s impeccable art and design. The inside of St. Peter’s Basilica is absolutely stunning. Not a single wall, floor, ceiling, or crevice of the building is bare. It left me speechless. It’s definitely something that you must see in person if you ever have the chance.

St. Peter's

Next we went to Florence for two days. The city of Florence is absolutely beautiful with tons of great shopping. My favorite part about the entire vacation (even though I did love the shopping) was the day trip we took to Cinque Terre. It was just a short bus ride from the center of Florence. There, you will find the most stunning, jaw dropping views of the Italian-Mediterranean coast line with beautiful, brightly colored houses embedded into the ocean-side cliffs. I’m at a loss for words to describe how incredible the views were. Take a look for yourself.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

Lastly, we stayed a day and a half in Venice and that’s just about all the time you need. Venice is like no other place on earth, a true one of a kind. Although there wasn’t much to do, just wandering the streets is enough of an experience in itself. The only way to fully enjoy Venice is to just go and get lost. Explore. Every corner you turn you’ll find something interesting. I found myself taking photos every turn I made, every bridge I stood on, and every piazza I stepped in.



What I loved so much about Italy was the unique culture, unbelievable scenery, and interesting history. Oh and not to mention the food and shopping. The Italians really know how to cook and shop. Two of my favorite things.