Marketing Tip Tuesday

psychology and social media

Marketers have applied concepts from psychology to social media posts to increase engagement with consumers. Here are a few simple ways to create engagement by taking advantage of what we know about the consumer’s mind.

1. Images speak a thousand words
…because consumers don’t want to read a thousand words. Pictures are attention getters. Today, we are starting to communicate through visuals more and more. Pictures are the difference between viewers just scrolling past your post and stopping to look at it. Your pictures must make an impact on viewers. They must stand out among the crowding of news feeds and command attention, prompting viewers to stop scrolling and look. The use of photos with vibrant colors and patterns like this apple ad can help draw attraction to your posts.


2. Color choice creates a brand’s personality.
Studies show that there is a relationship between the use of colors and consumers’ perception of a brand’s personality. Choose one or two colors that can portray the personality you want for your brand. This dimensions of brand personalities chart shows the five core dimensions that play a large role in creating a brand’s personality.


Choose one or two colors that can portray the personality you want for your brand. This color chart is a great resource for choosing appropriate colors for the message you want to portray.


Also, by using a color or scheme for your brand it creates cohesion and can help with brand recognition. By using the same color in every ad and post consumers will be able to remember and recall your brand when presented with the color(s). For example: what brand do you think of when you see this ad?


McDonald’s of course.

3. Play on emotions.
Emotion is a key factor in attracting and relating to consumers. Readers always feel an emotion when looking at social media. Whether it’s an emotion you are trying to provoke or if it’s just boredom. Often times it’s best to provoke happy emotions to increase relatability and positive feelings towards your brand but in some cases a message could be portrayed by other, more negative emotions like sadness. For example: the ASPCA’s ads which purposely provoke sadness in viewers so they feel compelled to donate and make them feel bad for not donating.


Or for brands like Nike who play on emotions of pride, success, and happiness.


By provoking the right emotion for your brand and message, it emotionally connects your viewers to your brand and will in turn commit the message to memory. The best and most used emotions for promotional material are friendly, happy, generous, and helpful.

4. Keep it social on social media.
Engage your viewers with conversation. The best way to spark communication is to simply ask for it. You could ask a question, ask viewers to share their stories or opinions, take polls, or even have a photo contest like Marshall’s #fabfound contest:


Prompting your viewers to engage creates a brand personality and interaction. Followers will remember their positive experience with your brand next time they see you. Interaction isn’t just for your viewers; it also benefits you. Through conversation you can discover what they need, want, and what they’re interested in. In turn you’ll learn how you can satisfy them effectively. Target did this perfectly with their tweet:



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