Marketing Tip Tuesday


Influencer: Regular people (not celebrities) who have blogged, videoed, and posted their way into the social media spotlight.

Advertisers have started to pay these influencers to put ads on their content. This has become one of the newest, emerging strategies in marketing because social media stars have more purchase influencing power over the younger generation than a Hollywood star does. Followers see social media stars as someone to trust, genuine, and “just like me.” Followers look up to the social media stars, therefore are easily influenced by their words and actions.

According to a survey of marketers conducted by online promotions firm, Tomoson, Influencer Marketing has been rated the fastest growing online customer acquisition approach. Thus, taking the lead over traditional tactics as seen in the chart below from Tomoson’s data.

chart copy

Another reason why Influencer Marketing is so successful is because media usage is shifting from Television to Social Media. Accessing social media via smartphones better fits our ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle. We are spending more time logged on than we are spending in front of the TV.


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